Ongoing Projects

  • “Left-right (a)symmetry in morphogenesis”
  • “Biomineralization of ear bones”
  • “Chordoma biology”
  • “Osteoclast-osteoblast interaction (trans-pairing)”
  • “Bone imaging using X-ray phase contrast microscopy and light-sheet fluorescence microscopy”

Previous Projects

3D Bone Biology and Stress Responses

  • “Osteoclast-osteoblast communication”

Roles of ephrin ligands and Eph receptors in “coupling”

  • “Biomineralization”

Regulation of matrix vesicle-mediated bone mineralization

  • “Auditory Ossicles”

Modeling and remodeling of malleus, incus and stapes

  • “Polarity of bone cells”

Lipid binding proteins and cytoskeleton